Sony SLT-A58K Digital SLR Kit with 18-55mm Zoom Lens, 20.1MP SLR Camera with 2.7 -Inch LCD Screen (Black)

Sony is king of all brands. No matter what products they manufacture, they are the rulers of market in every niche. We can take Sony SLR-A58K Digital SLR Camera for instance; it is among the most successful products by Sony. There is no denying to the fact that for any regular folk that likes to capture good pictures, this model is simply the best for them. From regular usage to professional significance, Sony delivers excellence in all its products. That is why, over every brand, buyers prefer Sony for such highly pricey products.

Available in the price range of $498 at Amazon, this is a budget friendly DSLR for every individual. Not to forget about the features that are finally encapsulated in this camera, makes it stand-out from others of same kind. Base model comes with a lens of 18-55mm and beside this; there are other 2 models available at Amazon. The camera is available only in one color variant and that is Black. There are many exceptional features of this product that are making it best product to buy. Also people that have used this product seem to be satisfied with its performance.

Basic Specifications

Dimensions: Dimensions of the product are 3.74 x 3.07 x 5.08 inches

Weight: Weight of the product is 1.08 pound.

Color: You can find this model in only one color variant and that is Black.

Lens Type: Lens type that has been incorporated with this article is Zoom.

Technical Details

Let us first take a look at Technical details of Sony SLR-A58K Digital SLR Camera:

  • Product has got total 15 auto focus points
  • You can enjoy continues battery service up till 690 photos in a go
  • Camera has optical sensor resolution of 20.1 MP with CMOS technology
  • Product has got optical image stabilization
  • 5 fps is the continuous shooting speed
  • It has fully articulated display fixture type
  • It has maximum display resolution of 460,000
  • Product has got expanded ISO minimum of 100 and maximum of 25,600
  • Video formats that are supported by this model are MPEG-4, AVCHD, and H.264 with resolution of 1920×10980.
  • Flash type designed in this model is Built-in, Hotshoe, Wireless
  • You can enjoy both manual and automatic focus type with this model
  • Auto focus technology supported with this model is Phase Detect, Multi-Area, Tracking, Selective Single-Point, Live View, Face Detection, etc.

So, these are all technical specifications of Sony SLR-A58K Digital SLR Camera.

Detailed Features

Here are detailed features that are comprised in this model by Sony:

  • Sony SLR-A58K Digital SLR Camera gives perfect composition of images. It allows you to take still images as well as subject in motion. Framing help in saving trimmed images and hence you can capture professional kind images from this camera
  • A feature of low-light photography is also added in this model without usage of flash. It allows you to capture 6 pictures in fraction of a second.
  • You can enjoy changing effects of the pictures as you are allotted with 15 in-built effects to experience.
  • Camera has 15 AF points along-with 3 cross sensors. It gives you brilliant picture quality. Cross sensors are used in this product to increase focus precision

There are numerous other features that you can discover in Sony SLR-A58K Digital SLR Camera. All you have to do is to visit once and explore all great features.

Customer Appreciation

Well, survey says that after the launch of this article, it has seen sudden growth and given its affordability in buying, you can see that people are turning their interest towards this product. It is an impeccable model and worth buying for casual as well as professional photography. Amazon has given it 4.5+ stars and it is surely an excellent score. Also you can see customer reviews about this model and discover the likeliness of this product by yourself.


Sony SLR-A58K Digital SLR Camera is a great camera for all kind of product. It can also be gifted to people you love. Product is designed to capture interest of all photography goons and Camera gear followers.

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