Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Involving just two easy steps for folding due to its innovative design, the lightweight Pockit holds the 2014 Guiness World Record for most compact or smallest folding stroller folding down the design to 11.8  x 7  x 13.8 inches, weighing of 9.5 pounds.

It do feels small but is strong as its built using durable materials of high quality. The Pockit can easily hold a child from 6 months weighing up to 55 pounds with additional 11 pounds of gear in its convenient storage basket.

For the families with a passion travel and exploring for local or overseas, Pockit is perfect for day trips or extended travel, being the quintessential choice as it fits easily in train overhead bin or in any plane, or just stowing away in the car.

Equipped with a protective comfort pads and secure safety belt, pockit comes with a secure, adjustable harness system that can be set at different height and loosened or fastened for a cozy fit allowing the stroller to grow as your child grows.

Various other features include sliding back panel with adjustable torso length, easy one-hand steering and pushing, , overhead canopy, lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, rear wheel parking brake, padded handlebars and lockable front swivel wheels.

  • Best compact stroller

If you’re looking for a compact stroller, this is amazing. When travelling we use this every time and it’s so easy to take on the plane. When going into restaurants it’s great as you don’t have to leave a stroller at the front. It’s not the smoothest ride for baby as it’s not designed for that. This wouldn’t be the best option If you’re looking for something that’s a very smooth ride.

It Can be folded or unfolded within seconds. The only complaint would be the sunshade which is useless and it can be difficult to fit all the stuff and out of when child is sitting on the stroller. Definitely recommended for those who wants a small and strong folding stroller.

By V.S Davis

  • What a great idea for parents!

This is an absolutely awesome idea for parents who are trying to avoid the clutter made by children. This stroller is easy to fold and pack and won’t take up valuable space in my trunk. Looking to use this product for years to arrive.



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