Photive Silverbuds Premium Sports Headphones: Smartness Personified

Well, whenever you are on a mission to buy new product, there are certain things that you like to keep in account. Every product comprise of a set of features, usability terms and something that we call its specifications. A smart buyer is the one that keep in check all the measures and spend time in learning about a product. This is especially in the case when you have multiple options and it becomes difficult to select the right one. There are certain situations when you become super confused to settle down at one, especially when there are so many amazing options rolling in front of your eyes.

Talking about headphones, it is undeniably a necessity of life and there are millions of variants that make you crazy. While you will explore different options in headphones, you are likely to come across so many amazing options such as Photive Silverbuds Premium Sports Headphones. Among many other super awesome brands, there is a brand called Photive that manufactures quality headphones in affordable prices. We will today discuss one of such product by Photive that comprise of a mammoth of good features and excellent looks.

Photive Silverbuds Premium Sports Headphones is a superb model by Photive. This product has got some of the excellent features. It is available at Amazon in a price range of $49.95. Let’s take a look at the features of this product:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 with APTX Codec i.e. the latest technology.
  • It has such brilliant battery life that it can serve you for 10 hours at a stretch.
  • Perfect to be used at gym due to its perfect fitting.
  • These are sweat proof as the Silverbuds are coated with Liquipel Watersafe Technology. It keeps your headphones safe from the flow of water.
  • Stunning in looks that don’t let you compromise on your style
  • Comes with a warranty of a year

Therefore, these are some of the features that are available in this product. It is a fine looking pair of headphones, specially made for sports people. You can undergo any sports activities using these headphones and enjoying your favorite music. These headphones have safe grip over the ear and smooth and soft in usage.


Well, there are some accessories that are added with Photive Silverbuds Premium Sports Headphones. These are some of the requisites that are highly essential to be comprised along-with. Take a look at the accessories below:

  • Silver Wireless Headphones
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • SML Ear Stabilizer
  • 1 Binaural Ear Tip
  • Carrying Pouch

So these are all incorporates that comes up along-with.

Customer Appreciation

As far as customer likeliness is considered, there are many amazing customer reviews that you can find about the product. You can buy it without having to fear about your money.


I would say that Photive Silverbuds Premium Sports Headphones are simply spectacular in terms of looks and features. It is a perfect article to fulfill all requirements that you might have from your headphones.

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