Must-have Gadgets for Travelers: Delight of Expertise and Novelty

Submerging vogue of technology, its enticing developments confounds us as we explore new discoveries. We in our routine life commute from one place to other for numberless reasons. And surely, there are many gadgets that falls in the class of must-have gadgets while we commute. I will today put forward some of the astounding gadgets that every commuter must have along-with, regardless of wherever he is going. You go to your office daily? These gadgets will help you in reaching at work in shortest span.

Let the wonder’s talk for them:

  1. Brompton S2L Foldable Bicycle: Innovation and technology is lot more widespread then we can possibly think. I came across a superficial gadget that will revolutionize your vision towards technology. Brompton S2L Foldable Bicycle is a perfect mean of commuting from one place to other. There are 6 more models of Foldable bike available in market but most recommended one is S2L. After reaching wherever, fold it and keep it underneath your desk or in your cupboard. This is the first entry in my list of wonder gadgets.
  2. Infinity Pillow: When I was in college, I had to commute from my home to a distant place to study. I use to take train every day, it use to be lot discomforting and I also had some issues with my back. But guess what? Today I have an amazing thing to suggest to my readers. It’s called infinity pillow. It is a small bendy cushion that can be used for many purposes during travel. You can keep it in your bag when at work.
  3. Hey Joe Coffee Brewing Mug: Well, are you a coffer lover? I am too. Hey Joe Coffee Mug is just the right thing to keep on your car. Another invincible gadget to keep along while commuting. Coffee Mug can be charged with the help of USB and also it is environment friendly. Just push button up and within 3 minutes, sip up most delectable coffee. You can use luscious coffee packages that come in two variants by Hey Joe. You can use brewed flower seeds for plantation. It’s definitely something worth carrying while commuting.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4: Entertainment is must while you commute. You surely need something to keep you involved and I guess, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 just befits the frame right. Download your favorite movies and keep yourself busy while you travel.
  5. Sulan Handbag tag charger: Who can afford a travel with a dead phone or tab? Well, at least I can’t. Sulan Handbag tag charger is a quick and earnest solution to the trouble of uncharged Smartphone. It comes in 5 variants and holds up a capacity of 3000 mAh rechargeable battery. Sufficient enough to take on your cell phone and tab at a time. Hence, it is another must have gadget while travel.
  6. Siva Cycle Atom Kinetic bicycle Charger: Reaching office at time is always a problem. And the only solution for bikers is Siva Cycle Atom Kinetic bicycle Charger. It is a small USB charger that you can simply clip it to your cycle and charge it. As you paddle your bicycle, it receives power and eventually gets charged. By the time you reach your destination, simply unclip it and you have a stumble-free tool that can supply power to many of your devices continually.
  7. Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD GPRS: Many of us don’t GPRS but essentially it is worth using. For someone who knows how important it is, always keeps it at his priority list while moving from one place to other. Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD is a perfect gadget that glues up with your vehicle and serves numerous functions such as Bluetooth connectivity, 3d lane assistance for earnest driving, Traffic updates, etc. Isn’t this a wonderful gadget? Moreover, it also remembers the location of your car, about where you have parked it.
  8. Gunnar Screen Glasses: Worried about your optical health? Of course you might be given the number of hours in a day that we spend simply eyeing at our computer screen. This is quite a serious concern and must be corrected. Gunner Screen Glasses are specially made for folks that spend maximum time in eyeing computer screens. These glasses filter the affecting energy being omitted by the screen and guard your eyes potentially. It is not only helpful while you travel but you can also use it at work or at home, wherever you are working on computer or laptop or Smartphone or a Tab. Gunner glasses can also be incorporated with prescribed glasses. So, what are you waiting for? Get Gunnar today!
  9. Bluetooth Handset Gloves: It’s too agitating when is freezing cold out and somehow you are managing to drive. Suddenly your phone began to ring and you have to remove gloves to answer it. Situation looks similar? It happens with everyone. How cool it would be if you don’t really have to remove gloves and still answer the call? Bluetooth handset gloves are crafted with a technology that allows you to answer phone via gestures. Handset comprise of a talk button, microphone and speaker. Without having to touch and with some gesture, you can actually answer calls while you are travelling. It is a superficial technology and gloves come in leather or knit textile.
  10. Otterbox Screen Protector and Privacy Screen: Whether you are accessing some confidential data or not, no-one must know what’s on your screen. That is what we call privacy protection. While commuting, you will come across many people that are in habit of peeping in other’s screen. Keep your phone safe from peeping heads with the help of Otterbox Screen Protector. It is a fine glass frame that is crafted onto the screen of your phone or tab. It will keep the phone away from the vision of peepers. Also it guards the phone from falling.
  11. SteelSeries Stratus wireless gaming controller: Many of you might like to relish real-time gaming while travelling. I have a perfect gadget for you that is light weight and get integrated with your Smartphone or tablet. Stratus wireless gaming controller is a thin console that comes with a battery run of 10 hrs. You can use it for short distance commute or long distance travel. It is an ideal gadget for game lovers.

These all are master gadgets that every commuting bag must incorporate.

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