List of Top 10 DSLR Camera Models

You don’t necessarily have to be a professional photographer to buy feature rich professional camera. Digital Cameras are the ones that are used for professional photography maybe that is the reason for such a widespread trend. It is not only the trend but otherwise as well, people like to buy DSLR Cameras. Many buyers keep DSLR cameras in their wish-list and look forward to buy them.

As the trend is rising, many brands have begun manufacturing quality cameras that you can keep in vision while buying. For an individual with no knowledge of basic features of Camera. It becomes difficult to understand which model is worth buying. I have summoned top 10 models of DSLR cameras that you can buy.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T1i: Canon EOS Rebel T1i has managed to stand at the top position in my list. Camera is fashioned with 15.1 megapixels and it has the stabilized lenses of 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. Considering other features, camera has 3.0 inch LCD with full HD video capture and live view framing of images. Features such as face detection and auto-focusing makes it an exceptional product. It is available at Amazon at the price of $718.56 with lens. Only the body is available at $631.89.

2. Nikon D90 DX: Nikon D90 DX is simply a wow product. It has superb picture quality and delivers earnest photographs with its 12.3 megapixel camera. Lens has the specifications of 18-105 with f3.5/5.6 ED AF-S VR. Other features of this model include Face detection, 3.0 inch LCD, Video Recording, Live view framing, etc. Product is available at Amazon in a price range of $1031with an 18-105mm lens. You can also buy only the body in range of $794.95.

3. Canon Eos 50D: Canon Eos 50D is a fascinating model with sharp picture quality that you can capture with its 15.1 MP image sensor. Features that make it outstanding are the 3.0 inch LCD, DIGIC 4 processor and 6.3 frames per second shooting, etc. Base Model is gleefully available at Amazon at price range of $940 and a 28-135mm lens that will be incorporated with the body will be priced at $1131.89.

4. Canon Digital Rebel XSi: Another astounding model by Canon that comes in count of top DSLR cameras that are stealing the market. This comes in 12.2 MP with influential features such as 3.0 inch LCD, dust cleaning, DIGIC III processor, etc. With a price range of $521.89, base model is available at Amazon and on incorporating 18-55mm lens; it goes up to the price of $556.80.

5. Nikon D5000: Nikon D5000 is a 12.3 MP Camera. Other features that make it invincible are its 2.7 inch tilt and swivel LCD. Other than that, you can find 11 AF points, 720p HD movie capture and many more. Thus it is an exclusive product with plethora of amazing features. The product is available at Amazon in price range of $651.89 with 18-55mm lens whereas base model is available at a price of $599.99.

6. Nikon D3000: Nikon D3000 is a 10.2 MP DSLR and considered in the finest buys. It is also considered as sub-version of D5000. Features that will captivate your attention are 3.0 inch LCD with image sensor cleaning. Other than this, you can find 11 AF points and 3 frames per second shooting. In this way, it is an ultimate model in a price range of $469.99 with 18-55mm lens. You can also buy base model in price range of $419.95, only at Amazon.

7. Canon EOS 7D: This models in fashioned with 18 MP. This product is attaining immense heed of buyers. Some of the interesting and considerable features of the product are 100% view finder, 8 frames per second shooting, 1080p HD video, 19 point AF system, 3.0 inch LCD built-in flash, etc. This is considered as one of the best product Canon product. It comes in a price range $1669.95 and an incorporation of 28-135mm lens will hike its price to $1899.99.

8. Nikon D300S: Rocking entry in the list Nikon D300S has 12 MP sensors. Features of this product are awesome product is 3.0 inch LCD, 720 p 24 frames per second HD video, image sensor cleaning, Live view, etc. All these features make this product an outstanding one. Base model is priced at $1575.95 and camera with 18-200mm lens is priced at $2,427.70. It is a must-have product for professional photography seekers.

9. Pentax K-7: This is the first Non canon and non Nikon product that has managed to score at the list. It is available at Amazon at the price of $1,114.95 with a superb lens of 18-55mm. Features of this model consists of 14.6 megapixel sensor. Other than that features such as 5.2 frames per second shooting, dust and weather resistant body and 3.0 inch LCD, etc. These are some of the heroic features of this awesome product that you can buy Amazon.

10. Olympus Evolt E520: Buyers that doesn’t want to spend much money, this is a brilliant option for them. Olympus Evolt E520 is a 10 MP DSLR with plenty of other amazing features. Some of the epic features that this small wonder of job houses are shadow adjustments, live view, in body image stabilization, face detection, etc. In this way, this is a star product that fits in meager budget and yet offers superb picture quality. Olympus Evolt E520 is available at Amazon at price range of $399.92 for body and 14-42mm lens incorporated will be priced at $449.95.

Here we go, these are top 10 blissful DSLR models that will make your world go wow with epic photography. Pick any one from the described range and you will never have to regret on your purchase.

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