Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D SLR Camera + 3 Lens 18-55 IS +24GB KIT

Canon has captured the electronic market to a great extent in recent years. The products manufactured by Canon are superb in quality and look. Let us take an example of Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D SLR Camera; this is the best camera in terms of picture quality, color reproduction and location etc. Canon has proved its mettle over a long period of time and now no one can deny its amazing quality of capturing pictures. It is a big brand which is the reason why people like buying the products of Canon.

It comes at a pocket friendly price with so superb features. Anyone would love to have this camera and capture the best moments for the lifetime to cherish. It is an 18MP DSLR camera with an amazing DIGIC 4 image processor. The picture quality is so good that you feel like the person in the picture is standing in front of you.

Basic Specifications

Dimensions: The screen size of the camera is 3” with 18 megapixels.

Weight: Weight of the product is 16.93 Oz.

Color: The product is available only in black color.

Camera Type: This is an amazing Digital SLR camera which has a capacity to click the perfect pictures.

Technical Details

Take a sneak-peak at the technical details of Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D SLR Camera:

  • This camera has 9 autofocus points including one center cross type AF to capture both portrait and landscape pictures.
  • Shooting pictures in low light is very easy due to an expandable ISO range to 12800.
  • It has a nice CMOS screen sensor of 18MP.
  • The color reproduction is natural with a wide tonal range.
  • It has a nice focal length of 28-90mm in 35mm format.
  • Stabilizer technology is inbuilt in this camera to reduce the blur effect caused due to shaking of the camera.
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight, this camera is perfect for digital photography.
  • Its appearance is perfect and unique due to the circular aperture diaphragm.
  • The camera comes with a 59” photo and video tripod.

So, these are all technical specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D SLR Camera.

Detailed Features

Here are detailed features of Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D SLR Camera:

  • This camera is a picture perfect camera which inhibits the blurry effect due to the shaking and slow shutter speed. Crisp and clear images can be clicked with this camera even when the light is dim.
  • It has 58mm professional telephoto lens which shows the distant objects 2.0 times closer and clicking becomes easy. A nice feature of low-light is enabled in this product.
  • An affordable and powerful camera which has 3 power levels to help you control light output. It has a trigger switch at the back which equips you to change the mode.
  • Power packed with nice HD quality having 58mm wide angle lens which helps you to shot panoramic views taking a large group of people in single shot.

There are numerous other features that you can discover in Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D SLR Camera. All you have to do is to visit once and explore all great features.

Customer Satisfaction

According to the customer reviews, this camera is best for the beginners. It will be liked by everyone as it is a picture perfect camera. Due to the low shutter sound, it is liked by those who want to click pictures in isolation. So just check the reviews and go for it guys. I assure you will love the camera.

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