12 Remarkable Truths about Women’s Shopping Habits

Believe it or not, there is a very good reason for retail stores to have hard flooring hallways; this is so that women, while shopping, wearing their high heels, can hear their heels clicking on the floor. This makes them feel reassured and they tend to shop more. The carpeting and softer surfaces seem to allure the customers more and makes them feel more at home.

The placement of escalators in shopping malls is very strategic, as it makes the customers go through maximum number of storefronts.

It has been researched that the busiest ever shopping day is the Saturday before Christmas, as this is the day all last-minute shoppers do their Christmas shopping.

It has been noted that women who spend more than 17 hours at work and spend, on an average, Rs. 9000 a week, tend to be slimmer and healthier than their other counterparts.

The ratio of women thinking about shopping and men thinking about sex is equal; in fact 74% women admitted that shopping is on their mind every minute, almost 950 times a day. Every second woman out of five has confessed that they cannot do without their shoes and clothing.

All the ladies out there worried about wrinkles, well worry no more as the solution is quite simple. The more shopaholic you are the less wrinkles you will have!

To gain confidence and stay away from depression, majority of women shop.

To have an all-round good and happy mood, spend as much time as you can to shop. The more days you spend in retail therapy, the happier your mood will be.

The average time devoted by women to shopping is 25,184 hours and 53 minutes.

Window shopping is as good a therapy as shopping and most women devote 48 hours and 51 minutes per year for this activity.

If going on a holiday, women will spend more money on buying clothes for the trip than the actual cost of the trip.

Women who spend on clothing feel much better and self-assured about themselves, than the ones who spend money on household and kitchen equipment.

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